Investment property can be a great way to build wealth if managed the right way.

Ever thought of purchasing a vacation home or second property?  What about rental property? More and more people are looking to real estate as an alternative way to invest their savings, and in some cases, supplement their retirement. Investment property can be a great way to build wealth if managed the right way.

It can be tricky to manage investment property, but with a seasoned partner like Redmond Lending Group, you’ll have all the up to date products and resources available to you. Often, many think in order to finance income producing property you need to work through your local bank or a private investor. Those can be great options, but can sometimes be limited to shorter terms, balloon notes, and adjustable prime rates, depending on the lender or bank. Redmond Lending Group has access to both local options and secondary market products that will allow you to take advantage of long-term fixed rates to secure your investment with. 

Whether you’re in the market for an additional income producing home, a second vacation property, or an entire portfolio of rental homes. Or maybe you’ve never thought of buying rental property and would like to learn all of the options available to you; from what to look for in purchasing of property, analytics such as your return on investment (ROI), finance, and property management options that are available to you.  Redmond Lending Group can be a great conduit and partner as you consider your next investment.

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