Lisa McVay

Loan Officer

  • Located In: Alabama

  • Licensed In: Alabama

  • NMLS #: 2248334

  • Language: English

Lisa McVay

Lisa McVay is trustworthy, passionate, and always willing to learn new things. She has been in the mortgage industry since the fall of 2021.

Lisa and her husband Chris have been married for 21 years. They have two daughters Sophie and Hannah.

Before mortgages, Lisa was a lifelong educator of 21 years. After Covid, when circumstances changed, Lisa and her family found themselves, like many other people, looking to make a change. When God provided the chance to move, He also provided an encounter with the Redmond Mortgage to finance their move. During the challenges of finding a home that year, Lisa gained a knowledge of the industry and turned from not just being a client to being an employee. The Redmond Mortgage is the perfect blend of friends and family!

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