Robby Redmond

Owner | CEO

  • Located In: Alabama

  • Licensed In: Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida

  • Language: English

  • NMLS #: 909550

Robby Redmond

Robby along with his family of 5 live in Guntersville, AL where they serve the community through their local church.  He loves to play golf, fishing & boating, and just about anything that involves being outside with friends and family.

A career spanning 27 years in both corporate finance and banking, Robby has experienced almost everything that can be imagined in the world of lending.

“I wanted to create a brokerage company that could, through it’s portfolio of lenders, handle a myriad of options & obstacles for borrowers in need of mortgages in an ever-evolving marketplace.  …To execute such transactions with the open mind of technology and digital community”

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